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PoreCare™ Purifying Pore Cleanser

PoreCare™ Purifying Pore Cleanser

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PoreCare™ Purifying Pore Cleanser

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Say goodbye to bad skin...


Our Purifying Pore Cleanser is designed for your beauty and skin caring needs. The Purifying Pore Cleanser uses suction power to pull blackheads, oils, and dirt out of your pores fast and efficiently

"A true must-have for those who practice skin and self care consistently!"



Skin Benefits & Features


✨ Acne Prevention & Deep Cleansing

Thoroughly removes anything trapped deep in the pores and sucks out all impurities and dust particles. Say goodbye to blackheads, whiteheads. You name it!


✨ Skin Restoration

The exfoliating tip provides a non-intruding scrip treatment on the top skin layer and removes excess dead skin cells that can cause buildup.


✨ Facial Glowing

The suction system creates stimulation which grants a gentle firming effect on your skin.


✨ Smooth Out Wrinkles

Our facial vacuum massages your face, allowing blood circulation and skin tightening, which are keys to cell renewal and wrinkle smoothing.




Package Includes: 


  • 1 x Main Body
  • 4 x Replacement Heads
  • 1 x Cable
  • 1 x User Manual



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Glowing skin in 4 easy steps!


  1. Steam your face using a hot towel or a facial steamer for 2-3 mins to soften your skin
  2. While using the remover: Please do not stay at one spot for more than 3 seconds. Move the remover around in a direction along the way gently (in a single stroke motion).
  3. Wash your face with cold water to close up the pores
  4. Clean skin and glowing contrasts within minutes!





  • Material: ABS
  • Shell Color: White/Pink
  • Working Voltage: 5V
  • Suction Strength: ≦62KPa
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Input Power: 2.5W
  • Rated Voltage: 3.7V
  • Battery Type: 380mAh Rechargeable Polymer Battery
  • Power Supply: USB Charging
  • Charging Time: about 90min
  • Net Weight: 125g

Here are some common questions that are asked about the Purifying Pore Cleanser. A more in depth and detailed FAQ is available here that answers questions regarding the store, products, shipping etc. 




For instructions on how the product is properly used, please refer to the "How To" section of the description tap for a step-by-step guide and process. 





As long as you have followed all of the steps for the proper use of the Purifying Pore Cleanser then the red marks/bruises will not be present. At times if it is left on the skin in a fixed area for a prolonged amount of time then those bruises are to be expected. So remember to always be cautious especially if the skin is sensitive 





Naturally, the red marks and bruises will disappear over time but some ways to speed up that process include:


- Using your knuckles or finger tips to massage around the affected area for about 2-3 minutes for every 1-2 hours, then all you have to do is rinse and repeat! As you do this you will start to see the affected area being brightened and relieved of the affected spot(s).


- Other methods that you can use to help reduce the redness is to use Arncia cream, any brand of eye cream or cabbage juice before massaging the affected area to increase the blood circulation in that specific spot


- Lastly, you should drink lots of water as good hydration for the skin will help finalize the red mark removal process as a whole!





For the best results, it is best to limit the use to once or twice per day as extended use of the product can damage the surface of the skin. It is most preferred to use during your daily/nightly skin routines. 





“I was at a point when I was considering microderm treatments for my skin until I stumbled upon this product. It does everything else a microderm does just for a much lower price as! Saw results after the first use and I became in love with my skin after. So soft, smooth and acne-free all thanks to this product. For anyone having acne/skin problems I highly recommend this product for you!”

Sarah M.

“This product is an actual skin-saver! I was trying everything in my power to get rid of those annoying blackheads on my nose and this product was my perfect solution. After the first few uses, I noticed how my skin and pores were noticeably clearer and the blackheads were completely gone! Totally recommend this for anyone who hates blackheads as much as I do!”

Jessica E.

“After going through so many different products, I was unsure and skeptical at first but this really works! Immediately after the first use, I saw how much my skin became so much more vibrant and clear! I always had problems with the blackheads and gunk stuck in my pores and it made me feel so insecure about it until I finally bought it! Highly recommend especially if you have a regular and consistent skincare routine.”

Alexis C.
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